Wool Felt Insoles for Fox and Husky - Zeazoo

Wool Felt Insoles for Fox and Husky

Shipped in 2-4 business days

Wool felt - pressed wool - 60% recycled wool, 25% virgin wool, 15% PL from recycled bottles.

3 mm thickness of the material.

Specifically designed for models with molded soles - Fox 2.0, Husky and Husky Mini.

If you want insoles for the rest models, look here.

Size: 22
Color: Beige

The purpose of the insole:
- better insulation from cold.
- greater comfort and softer feeling for the feet.
- wool absorbs moisture equal to 1/3 of its own weight in water. Thus, when the kid feet perspire they remain dry, because the wool would absorb the sweat.
- flat (no arch support ) → Zeazoo insoles are not orthopedic - such are prescribed for certain orthopedic problems and if used by kids can lead to lazy arch muscles.

Instructions for use:

When you receive your parcel, the insoles will not be inserted in your shoes. The insoles are not stitched or glued, so that you can choose whether to use them or not.

Note that the insole occupies 2-3 mm of the inner shoe space - you can choose to order bigger shoe sizes for foot development and future use.

The sizes and lengths of Zeazoo insoles for Fox 2.0, Husky and Husky Mini are shown here.



22 14.4
23 15.1
24 15.8
25 16.5
26 17.1
27 17.8
28 18.4
29 19.1
30 19.8
31 20.5
32 21.2
33 21.8
34 22.5
35 23.1
36 23.8
37 24.5
38 25.2
39 25.8
40 26.5
41 27.2

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