Size corrections

Size corrections

Shipping in 5-15 business days

Choose the additional cost from the drop-down menu if you want to make a size adjustment.

You can directly order a correction amount if you find it in one of the price lists, if not sure contact us first.

Go to description tab to look at the detailed information on the size customization.

If you choose an option here, the product will not be subject to our return policy.

The prices in the drop-down menu are VAT and taxes excluded. VAT is calculated based on the country for delivery in the EU.

Not applicable for discounted products and models: Fox 2.0, Husky, Husky Mini, Comet.

Correction fee: 2.5 euro

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max

The models that apply for corrections are enumerated in the bottom of each slide, in the darker field.

Please fill in the additional fields for customization above, describing the correction needed and for which product it should apply.

The price range for "other size correction (new patterns needed)" is for more complicated corrections in which all the details of the model need to be remade, which means that our shoes constructors need to make new patterns for all details, in some cases new molds should be ordered and a test pair must be made first to test the new dimensions. This is why we need detailed information from you, usually with more feet measures, to assess the complexity of the task and offer you a time table and a cost.

The size correction for narrow or wide front part, relates to the leather part only.

The corrections of the sole is also a complicated one, and it comes with a correction of the leather details in almost all of the cases. 

The limitations of the correction - up to 10-15 mm is because, if the revision is bigger then other details should be corrected; in this case your needs will apply in "other size correction (new patterns needed)".



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