Zeazoo Ltd., as a company deeply committed to social responsibility, allocates its resources to support a segment of our society for whom the simple act of stepping outdoors presents formidable challenges. Among these, visually impaired children often find activities like running or climbing on playground equipment not just difficult, but virtually impossible. We, at Zeazoo, are dedicated to transforming this reality. By joining our cause, you can play a pivotal role in reshaping the lives of these children, turning the impossible into achievable, and fostering a world where outdoor adventures are accessible to all.

Our Cause

At the heart of our initiative is the aspiration to expand the horizons of visually impaired children by enabling them to experience the world more intimately through their sense of touch. Our specialized barefoot shoes, characterized by their thin, flexible soles, are designed to enhance the sensory connection with the ground. This design is crucial, as it facilitates a near-natural walking experience, allowing for the vivid perception of ground irregularities.

The primary goal of these shoes is to ensure constant foot-ground contact, thereby continuously stimulating the nerve endings in the feet. This not only strengthens the foot muscles and tendons but also significantly improves coordination and walking confidence. For visually impaired individuals, the enhanced tactile feedback provided by these shoes is invaluable, ensuring safer and more enjoyable mobility. By supporting this cause, you contribute to empowering the visually impaired, helping them navigate the world with greater assurance and independence.

When Kalina and Victor, a family of visually impaired people, who had learned about our barefoot shoes and wanted to try them on, called the office phone one day, we took it as a sign of fate.  After testing them for a while, they confirmed what we also thought - walking barefoot opens up a new world for them.

You can learn more about their first-hand impressions of wearing Zeazoo®️ barefoot shoes here.

In our continued effort to enhance the lives of visually impaired children through improved mobility, the Zeazoo team proudly introduces the "Seeing Feet" campaign. This initiative is meticulously designed with several key components, each tailored to make our innovative barefoot walking shoes more accessible to this special group. Our commitment through this program is not just about providing footwear—it's about opening new pathways to independence and confidence for these children.

Fundraising until the end of 2024

For each pair sold from a designated range of models, Zeazoo will allocate 1EUR to fund the distribution of our barefoot shoes to over 300 visually impaired children in specialized Bulgarian schools. This initiative is a part of our broader commitment to enhance accessibility and support within the community, ensuring that our products reach those who can benefit most from them.

We are excited to announce that our New line of models with molded soles are part of our Seeing Feet initiative. The following models are part of the campaign:

1.FOX 2.0: available for order.

2.HUSKY: available for order.

3.COMET: available for order.

As part of this initiative, Zeazoo commits to delivering shoes to specialized schools in phases. The shoes will be supplied at the cost price for materials only, equivalent to the funds raised from these three models. Distribution will be facilitated through the cooperation with the principals of the following institutions:

1. School "Louis Brail", Sofia

2. School "Prof. Dr. Ivan Shishmanov", Varna

In our dedication to this cause, Zeazoo pledges to provide shoes to every child who needs them, even if the donations do not fully cover the material costs. Our commitment extends beyond financial considerations, as we endeavor to ensure that every willing child receives the support they need.

First stage of funding

We visited School "Louis Brail", Sofia just before Christmas and we meet the kids willing to test barefoot shoes. We left 35 pairs of Kiwi wool slippers in yellow and natural colors.

Long-term Initiative

Zeazoo team is committed to introducing the concept of barefoot walking to families with visually impaired children. In partnership with the "Union of the Blind in Bulgaria", we plan to host events to discuss the benefits of barefoot shoes. During these events, we will offer trial pairs of our Zeazoo®️ models to interested families, allowing them to experience the unique benefits firsthand.

Additional Initiative

Zeazoo will start offering personalized discounts for visually impaired people on our products. We are in the process of establishing collaborations with various union organizations within the EU to facilitate this program. Once these partnerships are in place, individuals with visual disabilities will be able to work through their respective unions, which will handle the necessary verification of their condition and assist in placing orders. Our team will be available to help with selecting the perfect pair of shoes, including choosing the model and color. The orders, with the special discount applied, will be processed and the shoes delivered directly to the specified address.


Zeazoo team believes in the power of collective effort to enhance the lives of visually impaired individuals. We are open to ideas and initiatives that can improve their environment and active lifestyle. We welcome partnerships, shared experiences, and innovative ideas to expand this initiative's reach and impact.

13 November, 2023.