These Terms of Use govern the relationship between ZEAZOO, an online store for barefoot shoes (hereafter referred to as "MERCHANT") and the USERS (CUSTOMERS) of the MERCHANT'S website. By browsing and using this website to order products, you accept and agree to the described terms and conditions, including granting permission for the MERCHANT to store and process specific personal data for the operation of the store and to send communications related to the execution of deliveries. The MERCHANT guarantees that your personal data is stored and processed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and national legislation. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Our Privacy Policy provides complete information on what data we collect and process, the purposes for which we use it, and with which third parties we share it. The GDPR compliance panel allows you to obtain a copy of your personal information, correct the information we store about you, or arrange for its deletion from our database.

The legal entity that owns and operates the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store and with whom the USER enters into a distance sales contract when ordering a specific product from the site is ZEAZOO Ltd., EIN: 201690289, VAT number: BG2011690289, with headquarters and management address at 1106 Sofia, "Konstantin Irechek" St. No. 6-A, manager: Gergana Ivanova, phone: +359895700147. The store is registered in the electronic stores register maintained by the National Revenue Agency.


  1. MERCHANT: The operator of the website, also referred to as "ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store".
  2. USER/CUSTOMER: Any capable individual who uses the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website in accordance with these general terms and conditions.
  3. WEBSITE/ONLINE STORE: The platform of the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store, where the MERCHANT publishes information about the products offered.
  4. PRODUCT/ITEM: A product described on the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website, characterized by specific parameters: type, kind, unit price, weight/grammage, etc.
  5. ORDER: Any purchase request made by the USER for one or more items from the MERCHANT'S catalog.
  6. SALES CONTRACT: The distance sales contract concluded between the MERCHANT and the CUSTOMER.
  7. COURIER: A third party acting according to the provisions of the Postal Services Law, authorized by the MERCHANT to perform the actual delivery of goods to the CUSTOMER'S address and to collect cash payments where and if necessary.


  1. Browsing the MERCHANT'S website is free and entirely without charge for USERS. Although the MERCHANT strives to provide maximally accurate and comprehensive information about the products offered, the responsibility for the choice of a specific product lies solely and entirely with the USER. The MERCHANT does not guarantee fitness for particular purposes.
  2. The MERCHANT makes reasonable efforts to keep the content of the site up to date regarding product descriptions, their prices, and availability. It is possible for the published product photos to have minor differences from the actual products (for example, slight color differences due to some monitors displaying colors differently). Such differences are considered minor if they allow the CUSTOMER to unambiguously recognize the product upon delivery.
  3. The ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website allows USERS to register for free, which provides access to certain additional functionalities (such as accruing loyalty points from shopping) and facilitates browsing the site and placing orders. The MERCHANT reserves the right to send USERS messages with information about new products and special campaigns. Such information is sent no more than twice a month. If the USER has subscribed to the MERCHANT'S newsletter, such information may be sent more frequently in connection with current promotions.
  4. The ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website allows USERS to rate products on a five-point scale and leave comments with their impressions. The MERCHANT reserves the right to edit and/or remove statements with false or misleading character, as well as comments that violate good manners and offend other users of the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website.
  5. All prices published on the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store website are final, including taxes VAT or taxes for customs documents processing, according to your country in the delivery address. The price for delivery depends on the chosen courier and the type and quantity of products in an order and is displayed during the order completion process. The USER has the opportunity to see all parameters of the order (number and type of products, delivery costs) on a single screen before finalizing the order.


  1. By placing an order, the CUSTOMER declares their intention to purchase the listed products and to pay for them. Upon order registration, the store's platform sends back an email record of its content. The CUSTOMER understands and agrees that this confirmation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute formal confirmation of the order. An order is considered formally confirmed only after a ZEAZOO barefoot shoes store employee processes it, packages the products, generates a consignment note, and sends an email back to the CUSTOMER with the consignment note number and a link to track the delivery.
  2. ZEAZOO barefoot shoes store accepts orders solely through the online store platform. To be accepted and processed, the CUSTOMER must provide:
    1. A valid email address capable of receiving mail. If the CUSTOMER's mailbox is full and messages from the MERCHANT are returned, the MERCHANT may attempt to contact the CUSTOMER by phone to notify them of the issue, in an effort to ensure normal written communication between the parties.
    2. Contact details – full name and mobile phone number (the COURIER sends important information about the exact time of delivery via SMS or Viber).
    3. Accurately filled in delivery and billing address for the goods.
  3. An order is considered accepted only if the CUSTOMER has provided accurate and comprehensive information as per section 3.3. In case of uncertainties or discrepancies, the MERCHANT reserves the right to request additional clarifications from the CUSTOMER by phone or email, as well as the right to cancel the order if the necessary additional information is not received within 3 working days from the order being sent due to inability to contact the CUSTOMER or the re-provision of incomplete information.
  4. Although the MERCHANT strives to maintain the most up-to-date information about stock availability on the site, in very rare cases, it is possible that an item may not be in stock at the time of order. In such cases, the MERCHANT is obligated to immediately inform the CUSTOMER and offer an acceptable alternative solution. The decision whether to accept or refuse a change in order parameters belongs to the CUSTOMER.
  5. For standard items that need to be manufactured after the order is placed, products are made within 5-10 working days, depending on workload and technical complexity of the models. The time table for each product is listed below the product name.
  6. For custom items that need to be manufactured after the order is placed, products are made within 15-20 working days, depending on workload and technical complexity of the models. Products with a name, color combination of choice are made faster, unlike products with size adjustments and non-standard applications, etc.
  7. After receiving the order and in the absence of uncertainties or discrepancies regarding delivery data, the MERCHANT prepares the order for production and/or shipping according to its sequence number of receipt. Normally, orders are processed and dispatched within the following timeframes:
    1. Orders for available items submitted before 12:00 PM on a working day are processed and handed over to the COURIER no later than the 2-4 working days;
    2. Orders for available items submitted after 12:00 PM on a working day and on non-working days are processed and handed over to the COURIER no later than 2-5 working days.
    3. The deadlines mentioned above are subject to agreement with the CUSTOMER, in case the CUSTOMER has other preferences.
    4. Orders for items that need to be manufactured are handed over to the COURIER on the day they come out of production and pass quality control.
  8. Processed shipments are usually registered in the COURIER's system by 6:00 PM on the day the shipment is handed over. Upon shipment registration, the CUSTOMER receives an email confirmation that the shipment has been logged in the COURIER's information system.


  1. Delivery is carried out through the couriers service according to the order and timelines described in the "Delivery Policy" document. 
  2. If, for a valid reason, the CUSTOMER cannot be present at the address on the day of delivery, the CUSTOMER is obliged to contact the COURIER directly at the provided number if they cannot be present to receive the parcel.
  3. After two failed delivery attempts, the MERCHANT's obligation is considered fulfilled, the goods are returned, and the order is canceled. The MERCHANT reserves the right to refuse to fulfill future orders from the same CUSTOMER.


  1. The CUSTOMER can pay for the ordered goods in one of the following ways:
    1. Cashless with a PayPal account.
    2. Cashless, with a debit or credit card via PayPal, as PayPal will ask you to create an account with them.
    3. Cashless, via bank transfer. To use this option the CUSTOMER needs to contact us first for further instructions.
  2. When opting for advance cashless payment via debit or credit card, the MERCHANT typically receives confirmation in real time and dispatches the order without delay. When choosing advance payment via bank transfer, the MERCHANT prepares the order on the same working day the payment is received in their bank account and receives a notification email by the CUSTOMER with a payment receipt attached. The MERCHANT reserves the right to cancel orders with payment by bank transfer for which payment has not been received within 5 working days from the order creation. If, for objective reasons, the payment process requires more time, the CUSTOMER is obliged to inform the MERCHANT when placing the order.
  3. The ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store platform also allows payment through bonus points accumulated in the CUSTOMER's profile when purchasing goods from the site. To register shopping bonus points, the CUSTOMER needs to have an active registration on the store's website or create one, and to be logged in with their profile when completing the order. At the time of the last update of the Terms and Conditions, the system for payment with bonus points is set to operate only in registration mode (i.e., points accumulate in the profile).


1. The ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store allows CUSTOMERS to purchase gift vouchers of a certain value. These vouchers contain unique codes that can be used for shopping only at the ZEAZOO barefoot shoe store.

2. When purchasing an electronic voucher, the unique code of the voucher is sent by email to an address specified by the buyer. When purchasing a paper voucher, the unique code is printed on the voucher.

3. The validity of the vouchers is 1 year from the date of purchase, and their value is non-refundable.

4. Only one voucher per purchase is allowed.

5. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for other vouchers or their money equivalent.


1. The CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the purchase within 30 calendar days of receiving the product without stating reasons, under the following conditions:

1.1. The product has not been used;

1.2. The original packaging has not been stamped with labels and is not damaged.

2. Return costs are non-refundable.

3. To declare a contract cancellation, the CUSTOMER must contact the MERCHANT through the return option in CUSTOMER’s profile for by contacting us via if doesn’t have an account, specifying the order number, name, and then wait to receive instructions from the MERCHANT for returning the goods.

4. The CUSTOMER is obliged to return the product within the period specified in 1. If the product is not returned within this period, the contract cancellation does not take effect.

5. The MERCHANT is obliged to refund the amount paid for the returned product within 5 (for a full order return) to 15 (for a partial order return) working days of its receipt. The refund will be made using the same method as the initial payment.

6. The MERCHANT reserves the right to refuse future orders from a CUSTOMER who has exercised the right of contract cancellation.


1. The CUSTOMER has the right to file a complaint in cases where the purchased goods do not match the subject of the sales contract. Discrepancies may include:

1.1. Delivery of goods different from those ordered;

1.2. Discovery of missing parts of the order;

1.3. Visible manufacturing defects;

1.4. Damage during transportation.

2. The complaint must be made in 2 days after receiving the order. 

3. The CUSTOMER has the option to:

3.1. Completely refuse the delivery without owing payment, in which case the order is considered canceled;

3.2. Allow the MERCHANT to correct the error through a new delivery and pay the due amount after ensuring the reasons for the complaint have been addressed.

3.3. The CUSTOMER is obliged to ensure that the contents of the order match what was ordered before accepting the parcel. Once the COURIER has handed over the parcel to the CUSTOMER, it is no longer possible to file a complaint for missing items in the order or damages during transportation. Complaints against delivery of goods different from those ordered or against visible manufacturing defects can be made within 5 calendar days after accepting the delivery.


1. ZEAZOO prioritizes fulfilling its obligations to the satisfaction of the customer. For direct complaints about service quality, contacting ZEAZOO through the provided methods on the website is recommended. However, in accordance with state and EU mandates, which regard citizens as needing external assistance for lodging complaints, ZEAZOO is required to list contact details of supervisory organizations overseeing its operations and available for alternative dispute resolution. These include:

2. The European platform for online dispute resolution is also available for resolving disputes:

The terms and conditions were last updated on 6th March 2024 (version 1.4.1), approved by the manager of ZEAZOO Ltd.