To cancel your order contact us no later than 24 hours after you have placed your order.



All products are with a one month guarantee for production defects.

Zeazoo will exchange your product or will offer a discount in case a production defect arises in your pair during the first month of usage. The first month of usage starts on the day you have received the parcel.

When you request a refund or exchange, please send us photos depicting the problem at

If you experience a problem after the one-month period, contact us for further advice.



You may return your purchase within 30 days from day of receipt if:

1. it is in a "like new" condition

2. it doesn't include a customization from categories CUSTOM DESIGN AND PERSONALIZATION


If you want to return your Zeazoo product(s) and you have a CUSTOMER account, the steps are as follows:

1. Access the "Orders" section of your account.

2. Select the order from which you want to return an item by clicking on "Details".

3. Select the product(s) that you wish to return by checking the box next to its name(s).

4. Add the quantity that needs to be returned (in case more than one product are ordered).

5. Click on "Request a return".

Our customer support will validate the return by changing the return status to "waiting for package".

If you prefer another method or you ordered as a GUEST, contact us at for further instructions.


Once your return is approved send the return product in the original full packaging with the order number and your email inside the box.

Put the shoe box in an envelope and do not put stamps and labels on the branded shoe box, otherwise, we regret to inform you that a full refund cannot be processed. The box price will be decreased from the refund amount to your account.

Additional requirements for Customs Clearance - returns from countries out of EU:

1. Fill in and scan (make a picture) of the return slip, then email it to along with your parcel's tracking number.

2. Include the return slip and invoice inside your parcel.

3. Mark the parcel as "RETURN" and do not write down any value on the label, otherwise all consequent charges for taxes at the border will be decreased from the amount that should be refunded to your account.
Zeazoo will send to your email a payment proof of these taxes along with the tracking number of your return. 


All refunds are made upon receiving the returned shoes.

Full refunds including Economy shipping charge: Processing time within 2-3 working days upon receiving your parcel.

Partial refunds: Processing time within 15 working days upon receiving your parcel.

Zeazoo covers a portion of the preliminary shipping cost equivalent to €13. Consequently, any refund issued in such cases will be partial and processed within 15 working days upon receiving your parcel.

Example 1: the client orders three products and pays a total of €190 including Economy shipping cost.

a. The client returns 2 out of these 3 products. Zeazoo refunds the price paid for the two products.

b. The client returns all 3 products. Zeazoo refunds the full payment of €190 to the client.

Example 2: the client orders three products and pays a total of €208 including €28 Express shipping cost.

a. The client returns 2 out of these 3 products. Zeazoo refunds the price paid for the two products.

b. The client returns all 3 products. Zeazoo refunds the full payment for the products and the cost of the Economy shipping total of €193 (180 for the products + 13 for the Economy shipping).



Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Zeazoo covers return cost when:

- defect is present: a torn stitch, a punch hole in the texture, deviations above 3mm in details measures in the shoes in one pair, faulted sole, etc.

- wrong pair is received - mismatch from what is ordered - you receive different size, color and model.



The color you receive may be slightly different from the nuance that you would expect, because the colors may look different on your computer monitor. This is not accepted as a reason for a claim.

The size you receive does not fit the feet. The sizing tables are based on the molds measurements we use for each individual size and model. Contact us in case you doubt that you received the ordered size, to give you instruction how to double check it.

Even the best leather has natural markings which are analogous to fingerprints. They distinguish genuine leather from man-made materials. Some marks that can appear on the surface of leather are healed scratches, barbed wire marks, wrinkles and insect bites. Any of these markings may be present on your shoes and this is your assurance that you have a true top grain leather. Leather is a natural product and you may notice areas with different texture, grain pattern and color. The leather and the sheepskin even in one hide differs in the different parts of the animal.



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