Corela Pearl Pink with Bow

Corela Pearl Pink Bow

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Light, soft and extremely comfortable barefoot shoes in a beautiful pearl pink color that every little princess will fall in love with!

  • Extremely light - only 120 g.
  • Elastic and comfortable sole Vibram® Superflex 4 mm, with very good grip and wear resistance.
  • 100% natural goat leather, chrome-free lining.
  • Velcro® ankle straps for easy put on and off.
  • Soft elastic collar at the back for precise width adjustment around the ankle.
  • Symbol: Bow
Size: 18

Corela kids' barefoot shoes in pearl pink are great for special occasions such as christenings, birthdays, weddings or other formal events.
With their lightweight construction, they are perfect for your pre-walker or toddler. Handmade with a wide toe box that allows the child's foot to move freely.

The wide toe space allows the thumb to "spread out" to better distribute the weight of the body. This improves the overall posture and balance of small children.

Safe - the shoes do not have tight or hard elements that could hurt the child's foot.

The elastic collar at the back provides a precise fit around the ankle, and the Velcro® straps allow for quick and easy put on and off.

The flexible and comfortable sole - Vibram® Superflex 4mm allows your child to feel the surface, which enhances connection with nature and enthusiasm for active movement and games, while acting as a natural shock absorber, protecting feet from injury when walking on uneven terrain.

Breathable - the natural leather has free air circulation.

You can order additional wool insoles here. The insoles provide softness, additional insulation, and the wool absorbs perspiration.

The shoes are produced from soft goat leather. Avoid using detergents, as repellents, to care for the coating on the surface.

Why choose barefoot walking with Zeazoo shoes?

  • Shoes for toddlers and children who have already started walking should not hinder the free movement of developing feet, nor should they deform, compress, or constrict them.
  • With barefoot shoes, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot, which can improve overall posture.
  • Walking in barefoot shoes actively involves all muscles, joints, and tendons in the foot. In addition to the foot, it strengthens the ankles and the lower part of the legs, which enhances stability.
  • They improve sensory perception. There are many nerve endings in the feet that send information to the brain. This sensory feedback contributes to the development of better balance and coordination. Barefoot shoes provide a closer connection to the ground. With them, children feel the terrain more accurately.

Data sheet

Vibram® Superflex 4mm
Spring / Autumn
Material Upper
Nappa goat
Chrome-free leather
Yes, it can be customized - choose in Your Unique Design category
Corela Shoes
18 11.7 14.7 6.2
19/20 12.7 15 6.5
21 13.7 15.2 6.7
22/23 14.7 15.7 6.9
24 15.7 16.2 7
25/26 16.7 16.7 7.2

Zeazoo recommends selecting a size that is 7 to 12mm longer in inner length than the actual length of the feet.

You can print the sizing chart in tab "Attachments" in the product for more precise measurement. Just follow the instructions in the sizing chart.

In case the circumference of the feet differs from the volume of this model with more than 2 cm, we offer size corrections here.

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