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Husky Golden-Beige

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Hand made barefoot shoes Husky in Golden-Beige natural goat leather and chrome-free lining - 100% natural materials.

  • Molded sole Zeazoo® GroundSense 3 mm thermo-rubber in new technology for maximum safety and durability.
  • Cotton laces fastening and additional garter - for excellent stay on the feet.
  • Removable leather insole.
  • Modern sporty design with a focus on unique shiny look.
  • Extremely soft leather that gives a feeling of more volume and width.

This model contributes to our "SEEING FEET" cause, supporting visually impaired children.

Size: 31
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Introducing our latest line of Husky barefoot shoes, designed to offer you and your growing child unrestricted movement and comfort throughout the day.

Crafted from golden-beige goat leather, the Husky provides an authentic barefoot experience. Luxuriously soft and exceptionally comfortable, these shoes feature a spacious toe box allowing for freedom of movement.

Specially engineered to enhance the strength and flexibility of the foot, the Husky features a thin sole that promotes sensory feedback to the brain with each step. This aids in improving posture and balance.

The innovative 3 mm Zeazoo® GroundSense thermo-rubber sole is flat, thin, and flexible at all contact points with the ground. It "envelops" the foot, providing protection from potential injuries and safeguarding the leather from wearing. The sole offers excellent traction and durability, making it suitable for various terrains and activities.

When crafting these shoes, we meticulously select eco-friendly and high-quality materials, ensuring durability, resilience, and comfort. Additionally, the soft, removable leather insole insulates against cold or heat and provides comfort with every step.

Versatile, flexible and stylish, the Husky is suitable for all occasions, from everyday wear to off-road terrain and active pursuits such as cycling and outdoor exercises. Its sporty yet elegant design ensures you are ready for any adventure.

Materials: made of natural goat leather, covered with foil to achieve the pearl effect. The materials are produced in EU and are REACH compliant. The surface coating is sensitive to products that are not designed to be used on natural leather, such as mosquito repellents, so avoid spraying them on the leather.

This model contributes to our "SEEING FEET" cause, supporting visually impaired children.

Why choose barefoot walking with Zeazoo shoes?

  • The idea behind using shoes has always been protection, isolation and warmth. Barefoot shoes give all that without deforming and constraining the feet.
  • With barefoot shoes, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot, which can improve overall posture.
  • Walking in barefoot shoes actively involves all muscles, joints, and tendons in the foot. In addition to the foot, it strengthens the ankles and the lower part of the legs, which enhances stability.
  • They improve sensory perception - there are many nerve endings in the soles of the feet that send information to the brain. This sensory feedback contributes to the development of better balance and coordination. Barefoot shoes provide a closer connection to the ground.

Data sheet

GroundSense thermo-rubber 3mm
Spring / Autumn
Material Upper
Material Upper
Nappa goat
Luxurous Calf
No, it cannot be customized
Special occasions
31 20.5 20.5 7.5
32 21.2 20.9 7.7
33 21.8 21.3 7.9
34 22.5 21.7 8
35 23.1 22.1 8.1
36 23.8 22.5 8.3
37 24.5 23 8.4
38 25.2 23.5 8.6
39 25.8 24 8.8
40 26.5 24.6 9
41 27.2 25.0 9.2

Zeazoo recommends selecting a size that is 5 to 10mm longer in inner length than the actual length of the feet.

You can print the sizing chart in tab "Attachments" in the product for more precise measurement. Just follow the instructions in the sizing chart.

The printable sizing chart is for sizes up to 35, because of A4 sheet limitation. For bigger sizes look and assess your size at the table above.

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