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We want clean environment for our children!

To minimize the environmental impact of our packaging:

  • Orders of 1 (one) pair of shoes or boots are put in separate Zeazoo® branded shoe boxes.
  • Larger orders of 2 (two) and more pairs have all shoes wrapped individually in Zeazoo® branded recycled paper and packaged in a single cardboard box inside the shipping bag.
  • All orders with only one pair of slippers (indoor shoes) or kids sandals can be shipped in paper bags instead of boxes.

If you would like to have multiple items in separate Zeazoo® boxes, order the additional packaging here. Choose the number of the additional boxes you want for your order for each pair ordered above one pair.

Example: If you order 8 pairs and you would like to have each pair in an individual shoe box, you must add 7 boxes here and pay an extra charge 7 x €2.4 = €16.8 for this purchase. If you do not want separate boxes, we will put all pairs in one big cardboard box.

* This is not always applicable for Express shipping due to the specific requirements of DHL. In most purchases each pair sent with Express shipping is packaged in a separate Zeazoo® shoe box inside a DHL bag.


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