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where caring for growing feet is our top priority. We focus on children shoes, because we understand the crucial role footwear plays in foot wellness during musculoskeletal system development. We have plenty of adults models to provide happy feet for your entire family.

Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Barefoot sandals for Kids

Боси сандали за деца

Barefoot Shoes for Grown-ups

Barefoot Shoes for Grown-ups

Barefoot Sandals for Grown-ups

Barefoot Sandals for Grown-ups

New Arrivals

Take a brave step ahead

with Zeazoo barefoot shoes

Zeazoo invites you and your little ones to embrace the joy and freedom of movement with barefoot walking shoes.

Encourage your child to explore, play, and learn with a stronger connection to the ground. This connection is crucial for the development of strong and healthy feet and a natural gait, laying the foundation for active movement throughout life.

Our models for older children, women, and men are for all of you who value a healthy lifestyle and good tone, without compromising on style. Feel the earth, and enjoy every step.

family shoes - kids with their mother wearing Zeazoo sandals

Handmade with love and attention to detail

from sustainable materials

Our shoemakers choose the best natural materials - from natural leather to soft, comfortable and elastic soles. They ensure that every pair of shoes is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Zeazoo's experienced shoemakers place every stitch with precision to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

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Changed Your Mind? No Problem! You're Covered By Our 30 Day Return Policy

Environment friendly packaging

We package more than one product in one Zeazoo box to minimize the environmental impact of packaging and carbon print of deliveries. If you want a box for each pair, you need to order.

Superior Quality

We take great care to ensure the best quality leathers are used on all our pieces.